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Scarlet Lily

Cupids Garden® 10ml Fragrance Oil

Cupids Garden® 10ml Fragrance Oil

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For use with an electric air diffuser.

Feeling like you are in a cloud of Peonies, Cupid's Garden hits you with a waft of Blackcurrant mixed with a burst of Candy Floss. Your senses are open, Violets and Raspberry now lull you into a state of peace. Lemon and Pink Pepper bring you out feeling refreshed with nothing but love for this wonderful place.

Our 10ml Fragrance Oil with dropper lid is the perfect partner for your electric air diffuser. Just a few drops in the well with distilled water creates a powerful aromatic experience. Plus, with one bottle lasting up to 40 refills based on 5 drops per refill, indulgence has never been so sustainable.

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